The PharmaTRACC™ Advantage -
A Distinct Edge Over the Competition for Pharma Transactions

  • Cast awide net, utilizing the systematic search capabilities of PharmaTRACC’s proprietary prospect generation engine.
  • Identify and prioritize high potential transaction opportunities, ready for a rapid
    determination by your deal team.
  • Develop customized target profiles based on your development and commercial needs.
  • Our experienced life science-industry professionals qualify leads and manage process to closing.

Our PharmaTRACC platform, offered exclusively by Advisory Associates Inc, covers the entire in-licensing / acquisition effort, from product profiling to closing transactions. PharmaTRACC is highly specialized to the pharma industry and is designed to make buy-side initiatives more productive for our clients by locating opportunities that fit, and have a higher probability of closing.

PharmaTRACC goes far beyond traditional prospecting, combining broad search capabilities and pinpoint targeting with proprietary qualification and decision-making assistance to enhance business and corporate development team efforts. PharmaTRACC provides real time, fine motor control working in concert with our clients strategic growth initiatives. Generate dealflow today with the persistence of PharmaTRACC.