The DealTRACC™ Difference -

We Want You To Negotiate Your Transactions, Not Bid On Them.

  • Employ comprehensive buy-side searches to build strong diversified portfolio companies
  • Identify quality acquisition prospects using experienced business people, not neophytes or call center personnel
  • Source undiscovered sellers to negotiate with, rather than bid on.
  • Outsource preliminary leg work to Advisory Associates professionals so your highly-trained staff can focus on negotiating, structuring and closing transactions

We Want You To Negotiate Your Transactions, Not Bid On Them.

The Advisory Associates Research Team deploys comprehensive database search techniques including general business databases, trade associations and internet search protocols. Once an acquisition target is identified, the Advisory Associates research staff assembles comprehensive executive summaries detailing pertinent business and financial information on all qualified acquisition prospects.

The Advisory Associates Deal Origination Team is comprised of business professionals with years of experience as business leaders and entrepreneurs. Owners of acquisition prospects like to share experiences and explore options with experienced business people and do not like to be contacted by undisciplined cold callers. With DEAL TRACC, clients can review the resumes of our Associate Directors and be certain that they will maintain the highest level of professional courtesy.

For clients who value timely growth and informed acquisition decisions, DEAL TRACC is a service designed to locate and qualify acquisition prospects using client-specific search criteria. Our Associate Directors blanket targeted industries with courteous and professional contacts giving clients the most comprehensive coverage possible. We want you to negotiate your transactions, not bid on them.