AAI’s consulting and business solutions are synonymous with successful financial growth strategies. Developing innovative solutions and providing clear business advisory services for a diverse clientele in the public and private sector are the core strengths of our staff. With three dynamic areas of expertise – Financial Management/CFO Oversight, Transaction-based Advisory Services, and Recovery & Workout Services – AAI leverages creative consulting, extensive market research, and precise, knowledge-rich execution to make each client’s passion our vision.

Your Needs

Perhaps your company needs financial planning, debt restructuring, cost reduction, project analysis or business reorganization techniques designed and implemented; maybe a focus on mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, valuation strategies, or private/public financing is what you need to scale your company’s future to the constant and consistent economic change of a flatter business world. Possibly you require services that counsel creditors/debtors through turnaround, workout and pre-bankruptcy processes. AAI is the industry elite, combining decades of effective experience, visionary forethought, and acumen for financial services.

Our Clients

Our clients select and remain members of our investment community because our imperative is the realistic and impactful solution to their financial situation. The prerogatives, ambitions, and needs of our clients define our relationship with them – our services mirror their objectives. Transparent communications, twice-measured counsel, and iterative refinement of our tactics in-line with client’s goals define the process and product of our engagement with all our customers. Successful clients are the bedrock that makes AAI the proud and reputable financial growth and business advisory firm it is today.

Our Company

AAI’s founding members are CFO’s and CEO’s with both successful and manifold experience in the private and public sector. With seasoned senior financial and operations management leadership from various domestic and abroad companies, AAI combines practical knowledge from the Pharmaceutical, Technology, Telecommunicaitons, Healthcare, Banking, Governmental, Public Accounting fields as well as several others. We bring experience that makes our advisement as deep as it is wide, proving a formidable partner in your efforts across a wide gamut of business needs.